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NewSun, Jan 15, 2023 - Finding Relatives in the Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward)
(Society Meetings - Zoom Only - 1:30 pm EST)
This event is free for members of JGSGW. Nonmembers may register (Add To Cart)  to attend for a guest fee of $5.
Michael Morgenstern will explain how to find your relatives in this historic Yiddish language newspaper. Founded in 1897, the Forverts was a leading Yiddish language newspaper in the United States throughout the 20th century. Most of this newspaper is available to browse digitally for free through the online Historical Jewish Press database. This lecture will examine hidden genealogical gems within this newspaper, some of which can be found with minimal Yiddish skills. Among these gems are personal inquiries submitted by readers seeking information on their relatives, letters to the editor, and the “Gallery of Missing Husbands.” The content of these sections covered all the United States. This lecture will also cover the historical and cultural context of the newspaper, which will help evaluate its relevance to a researcher's individual family history. 
Speaker:  Michael Morgenstern is a native of Los Angeles, California. He has been an avid genealogy researcher since he was in high school in 2006. Since 2014, he has worked as an educator at Holocaust Museum LA. He frequently volunteers genealogy research for Holocaust survivors, focusing on those who do not have any prewar family documents or photographs. Michael has presented at IAJGS Conferences and on Uniworld's Jewish heritage themed European river cruises. His latest project has been researching the Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward) and translating segments for JewishGen.
Last Updated: 15 January 2023   [Located in Category: Guest Registration (Meetings)]
Price: $5.00
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Sun, Feb 5, 2023 - Magic Shop or Hocus Pocus Quackery? My Grandfather’s Metaphysical Pursuits...
Magic Shop or Hocus Pocus Quackery? My Grandfather’s Metaphysical Pursuits in 1930s Vienna  
(Society Meetings - Zoom Only - 1:30 pm EST)
This online event is free for members of JGSGW. Nonmembers may register (Add to Cart) to attend for a fee of $5.
After World War I, Helen Goldsmith’s Turkish-Jewish grandfather became fascinated by metaphysics and hand reading. In the 1930s, he set up an office at the back of his wife’s stationery shop on the Stubenring in Vienna, where he advised thousands of clients using hand analysis and other metaphysical methods.  At first, newspaper articles praised her grandfather’s work, but after the Anschluss, articles went from being laudatory to calling him a dangerous quack. After the war, his children, safe in the U.S., never shared stories about his unusual profession. In this talk, Helen will share her journey of discovery and some of the resources and methods that helped her learn about and solve the mysteries of her family.
Speaker: Helen Goldsmith is a retired university counselor and administrator. In 2017 after her uncle’s death, she discovered a trove of family papers that he had kept but never shared. The documents span more than a century and originate from Austria-Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Israel, and the United States. In January of 2021, she began a daily blog, posting items from this archive, giving them context and recording her journey to discover her family history. The blog can be found on her website:   Her quest to give voice to her ancestors has led her to learn traditional genealogical research techniques and to study hand analysis, the occupation her grandfather pursued.
Last Updated: 26 December 2022   [Located in Category: Guest Registration (Meetings)]
Price: $5.00

Sun, Mar 12, 2023 - Best Strategies for City, County & Business Directories
(Society Meetings - Zoom Only - 1:30 pm EST)
This on-line event is free for members of JGSGW. Nonmembers may register in advance (Add To Cart)  to attend for a guest fee of $5.
Many researchers miss clues and pieces of information that could allow them to discover family members and their relationship to other family members. In this program we will look at case studies to examine the more sophisticated issues of genealogical source evaluation. We will look at the research methods necessary to extract all the information contained in genealogical sources. We will explore how to assemble and combine pieces of information from various sources to form sound genealogical conclusions and maximize indirect evidence.
Speaker:  Sydney F. Cruice is a professional genealogist, writer and national lecturer. She is the current President of the Association of Professional Genealogists for the Greater Philadelphia Area Chapter, and she has served on the Genealogy Advisory Committee for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP). She developed the curriculum and has taught Foundations of Genealogy courses at HSP for the past seven years. Sydney cofounded the Greater Philadelphia Genealogy Consortium in 2017 – an organization that encourages the growth and cooperation between genealogy and historical organizations in the greater Philadelphia area (currently 29 member organizations). 
Last Updated: 26 December 2022   [Located in Category: Guest Registration (Meetings)]
Price: $5.00

Sun, Apr 30, 2023 - Learn How to Make Sense of Your Ashkenazi Jewish DNA Results
(Society Meetings - Zoom and In-person at B'nai Israel Congregation - 1:30 pm EST)
This hybrid event (Zoom or in-person) is free for members of JGSGW. Guests are welcome on-line or in person with registration and a fee of $5. Nonmembers may register (Add To Cart) in advance to attend online for a guest fee of $5 or pay/join at the door for the in-person event.
DNA has the potential to be an essential and exciting genealogical tool. But many Eastern European Jewish testers find their DNA results completely overwhelming and unnavigable. In this talk, Jennifer Mendelsohn will help those with Ashkenazi heritage learn how to make sense of their DNA results. She’ll cover the basics of DNA testing, including why our match lists are so large, (hello, endogamy!) why all our matches seem to match each other (endogamy, again!), and how to spot the meaningful matches and separate them from the faux ones. Using real-life examples of DNA success, you’ll learn techniques that will help you work effectively with DNA to expand your Ashkenazi family tree.
Speaker: Jennifer Mendelsohn is a sought-after genealogist who specializes in helping Eastern European Jewish families shattered by the Holocaust reclaim their history.  She has worked on scores of cases, solving complex family mysteries using a blend of traditional and genetic genealogy. Her sleuthing was featured in the 2019 bestseller Inheritance by Dani Shapiro. In 2022, she co-founded the DNA Reunion Project at the Center for Jewish History, which seeks to promote DNA testing as a tool for helping Holocaust survivors find family.
Mendelsohn is also known for the innovative use of genealogy as a tool for activism. She created the viral hashtag #resistancegenealogy, which uses genealogical and historical records to fight disinformation and honor America’s immigrant past.
Last Updated: 26 December 2022   [Located in Category: Guest Registration (Meetings)]
Price: $5.00